In this together

We are a CICS Americas brand, born from the current COVID-19 pandemic, as a compliance process to ensure that the guidelines to keep a safe environment in the new normal are implemented in a continuous, and effective way.

Guidelines will not be enough

Despite the large number of existing guidelines and protocols, we have realized that, unfortunately, these will not be enough to maintain a safe environment since they are not supported by:


  • A compliance process.
  • A preventive culture.

A safe environment
is built upon daily actions

The solution

The unique blueprints we have created, ensure that the measures taken to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19, are implemented continuously, adequately, and effectively, regardless of the type of establishment.

Our Trust Marks

Upon completion of any of our assessments, you will be granted with a visual aid to easily communicate your pledge to the public. – a Trust Mark!

When you see any of our Trust Marks, feel confident and at ease that you are in a safe environment.


Getting the “in this together” Mark is possible for every business – It all begins with choosing the most suitable blueprint for you!

Our goal: a preventive culture

Supported by a strategic communication framework, “in this together” fosters a preventive culture based on best practices, allowing individuals to understand the impact of their daily actions to maintain a safe environment.



Return to the “new normal” without feeling nervous, fearful, anxious, or unsafe.


Support your company to take the steps towards a safe environment culture.


Assure there are ongoing measures in place to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in your workplace, or your favorite establishment.


Clearly communicate the actions that stakeholders should take to maintain a safe environment.


Protect individuals at higher risk for severe illness by providing specific controls for them.


You are backed by a prevention and control management system.