Blueprint 2

Designed for establishments that have NOT received guidance from governments and associations on how to “Open”

Suits best for



Office buildings

Small Manufacturing Plants


Establish a written policy

Establish procedures to identify applicable exposure hazards

Establish procedures for the creation of applicable guidelines and protocols

Ensure training and competence of personnel

Effectively implement the guidelines and protocols

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Infection Prevention and Control Policy (IPC Policy)


Create an Infection Prevention and Control Policy that is established, authorized, and visibly supported by the organization’s management. The IPC Policy should be appropriate for the type of establishment and include a commitment to reduce the risk of exposure to the organization’s interested parties as well as a commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements, protocols, and guidelines.


To be effective, the IPC Policy should be documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all personnel.


In order to communicate to all the organization’s intentions, it should be publicly available.

Identification of Hazards


Establish procedures for the identification of infection hazards and exposure risks. The identification will include hazards that the establishment can control and those that it can influence its activities, products, and services.


This identification will include hazards and exposure risks for all persons including employees, contractors, suppliers, visitors, and clients.

Legal requirements, Protocols, and Guidelines


Establish procedures to identify and have access to the applicable protocols, guidelines and legal requirements applicable to the establishment. These protocols and guidelines might have been recommended by OSHA, trade associations, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), or local, state, or federal agencies.


These guidelines and protocols are the main controls to be established by the establishment.



Implement the applicable guidelines and protocols to its operations and ensure that they are available:


  • To appropriate personnel
  • In the correct language
  • At required locations


To ensure that activities are done following the recommended guidelines and protocols.


The establishment will ensure that any controls applicable to visitors or customers are easily and clearly communicated to them.

Competence, training, and awareness


  • Identify the different roles and responsibilities that your team members play in implementing the guidelines and protocols.
  • Identify and provide training ensuring that critical personnel are competent for their activities.
  • Ensure that all personnel are aware of the importance of their behavior and the benefits of improved performance.

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    Blueprint 2

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